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Amish Barns & ShedsAt DutchCrafters, Our Amish Barns and Sheds Are DIY!

Nearly every barn and shed is ready to ship in an easy-to assemble, do it yourself kit! Kits typically include detailed instructions and everything you need to assemble, including hardware, of course!

Generally, our woodworkers assemble as much as possible, finding the perfect balance to keep the shipping costs down and make it as easy as possible for you to assemble!

Amish Barns and Sheds - Superior Craftsmanship

Our Amish woodworkers take genuine pride in their work. Each and every shed they produce is held to the highest standards of craftsmanship!

While woodworkers place primary emphasis on the functionality of each shed and barn, great thought is also put into the design to produce a shed that is cute and aesthetically pleasing. Quite often our sheds are even used as greenhouses or art studios!

Don't miss our extensive collection of Amish Outdoor Furniture, you may find the perfect set to go with your new barn or shed!

Unparalleled Options and Selections

Our Amish made barns and sheds are available in an immense amount of styles and sizes. A great deal of customization is also available! Need a certain amount of windows installed? A particular size door? A certain color or style? Whatever your needs, we will strive to make them a reality. Please call with any questions, for assistance beginning an order, or for assistance with customization and custom quotes.The quality of our products is matched only by the quality of our customer service! Toll free: 1-866-272-6773.

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Riverside Amish Outdoor Shed Kit 10 x 12
Riverside Outdoor Shed Kit 10 x 12$2,204.00

Our charming Amish-made Riverside Shed makes an ideal backyard studio or workshop! The Riverside shed is our most popular shed style.
Amish Riverside Outdoor Shed Kit 10x16
Riverside Outdoor Shed Kit 10x16$2,684.00

Keep all of your stuff safely secured into your Wood Storage Sheds with our standard lock and key. These Tough Shed are built to last by Old Order Amish woodworkers. Please call one of our sales associates at 1-866-272-6773 with questions or...
Amish Wood Classic Gambrel Barn
Wood Classic Gambrel Barn$1,600.00

Our do-it-yourself panelized shed kits are in stock and ready to ship! Call today! 1-866-272-6773.
Amish Wood Colonial Williamsburg Shed
Wood Colonial Williamsburg Shed$2,448.00

Available in 17 sizes for the unique dimensions of your home and yard!
Amish Wood Colonial Pinehurst Shed
Wood Colonial Pinehurst Shed$2,297.00

The iconic design of our Amish Wood Colonial Pinehurst Shed will transform your backyard and provide the perfect storage option for your unique space! This do-it-yourself panelized kit comes in a wide array of sizes to suit your exact needs!
Amish Made Heritage Shed Kit 12 x 16
Heritage Shed Kit 12 x 16$3,004.00

This 12 x 16 shed will give you plenty of space to use it as a hobby sheds, craft shed, playhouse sheds and garden sheds. Please call 1-866-272-6773 to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales associates with questions.
Heritage Amish Wood Shed Kit 12 x 20
Heritage Wood Shed Kit 12 x 20$3,349.00

This Shed is Amish made in the USA. Our American made sheds have the look of a cottage. This shed measures 12 feet by 20 feet and offers plenty of space to clear out your garage clutter.
Amish Riverside Garden Shed Kit 8 x 12
Riverside Garden Shed Kit 8 x 12$2,094.00

This Wood Outdoor Storage Sheds will look great in your backyard. This is the perfect Outdoor Storage Shed to store your lawn mower, power tools, bikes, garden accessories and much more! you will have plenty of space in the 8' by 12' Amish Sheds!
Amish Made Riverside Shed Kit 10x14
Riverside Shed Kit 10x14$2,559.00

This Outdoor Storage Sheds is made by Old Order Amish woodworkers using quality construction techniques. Use this as a storage shed or as a workshop, artist studio, crafts room or playroom. Call for ordering assistance or questions on our Amish...
Amish Made Riverside Shed Kit 12x20
Riverside Shed Kit 12x20$3,349.00

Our Amish made Shed Kits are the perfect place to store lawn mowers, lawn and garden accessories, bikes and everything that needs protection for the elements. This attractive Amish sheds is sure to impress with it's quality construction and...
Amish Made Heritage Shed Kit 8 x 12
Heritage Shed Kit 8 x 12$2,094.00

DutchCrafters Sheds are ready to assemble with solid construction and quality craftsmanship. The Shed kits include our strongback nailer, 24 in. oc wall studs, rafters, pre-cut roof sheathing, pre-hung doors, trim, hardware and fasteners. The...
Amish Wood Value Gambrel Barn 4’
Wood Value Gambrel Barn 4’$1,194.00

This DIY pre-cut shed kit is in stock and ready to ship!
Amish Wood Value Gambrel Barn 6'
Wood Value Gambrel Barn 6'$1,288.00

Choose from 17 different sizes for our do it yourself pre-cut shed kit!
Amish Wood Value Gable Shed
Wood Value Gable Shed$1,218.00

Organize your tools or make an art studio! Our do it yourself shed kit is in stock, ready to ship, and easy to assemble!
Amish Wood Value Workshop Shed
Wood Value Workshop Shed$1,234.00

Our DIY Pre-cut Shed Kit comes available in 17 sizes!
Amish Wood Classic Gambrel Large Barn
Wood Classic Gambrel Large Barn$3,591.00

This classic design is the work-horse of the shed world. Offering immense space, this shed will take care of all your outdoor storage needs!
Amish Wood Classic Workshop
Wood Classic Workshop$1,688.00

DIY Panelized Kit Available in 17 sizes! In Stock and Ready to Ship!
Amish Wood Classic Gable Shed
Wood Classic Gable Shed$1,440.00

With 17 options in size, you can have the shed that is just right for your yard space and home!
Amish Wood Classic Five-Corner Shed
Wood Classic Five-Corner Shed$2,265.00

The highest quality in home sheds! Go with our kit, save some cash and do it yourself! These sheds will provide you with easy, convenient, outdoor storage.
Amish Wood Classic Wood Cottage Shed
Wood Classic Wood Cottage Shed$3,091.00

DIY Panelized Kit Available in 15 sizes! In Stock and Ready to Ship!
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Satisfied Amish Furniture Customers

We received the Amish Lighthouse and have already installed it. WE LOVE IT. Thanks so much for everything.
Clarence V.
NJ ,   2013-07-15T09:14:00-04:00
Dear Brianne, Thank you, once again ,for all of your intercessions on my behalf. The Amish mail box I ordered was absolutely beautiful, and the colors that you helped me select were right on target. You were extraordinarily patient and kind with my numerous inquiries, and consequently, I am thrilled with my purchase. You are indeed a credit to Dutchcrafters, and as I conveyed to your supervisor, you are the type of individual who gives a company a good name.Please know how profoundly appreciative I am of your outstanding service and attention. I certainly will not hesitate to call you in the future.
Jeryl N.
NY ,   2013-04-26T09:11:00-04:00

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