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Amish Wooden Painted Gazebo Bird Feeder
Wooden Painted Gazebo Bird Feeder$89.60

Our Amish made Gazebo bird feeder will transform your garden into your own wildlife habitat full of beautiful birds. This large gazebo measures 20" high and 14" round. The top roof lifts off so you can easily refill the bird feeder with seed.
Amish Wooden Log Cabin Bird Feeder with Rock Chimney
Wooden Log Cabin Bird Feeder with Rock Chimney$109.00

This decorative rustic log cabin bird feeder with cedar roof is handcrafted with attention to detail by an Amish craftsman. This Amish bird feeders is a top seller! It comes complete with a cedar roof, rock chimney and realistic looking logs. ...
Large Hexagon Poly Wood Bird Feeder
Large Hexagon Poly Wood Bird Feeder$147.90

If you need more seed capacity then this is the feeder for you! Spend more time watching the birds then filling up the birdfeeder! This feeder hold a whopping four gallons of seed! Treat the feathered friends in your backyard to this large...
Amish Wooden Barn Bird Feeder with Silo
Wooden Barn Bird Feeder with Silo$130.20

Feed your neighborhood birds in style with this barn birdfeeder with silo. The birds may not care how their birdfeeder or birdhouse looks but your guests are sure to admire it! This Barn birdfeeder with silo is proudly made in America.
Amish Wooden Primitive Painted Barn Bird Feeder with Tin Roof
Wooden Primitive Painted Barn Bird Feeder with Tin Roof$130.20

Help out your local ecology while adding to the beauty of your backyard with this painted barn bird feeder with tin roof. May you make many avian friends with your new Amish made bird feeder.
Classic Cedar Open Bird Feeder
Classic Cedar Open Bird Feeder$52.50

Add one of these unique cedar bird feeders to spruce up your backyard and help out our feathered friends at the same time.
Pine Wood Bird Shaped Hanging Bird Feeder
Pine Wood Bird Shaped Hanging Bird Feeder$39.00

What better way to attract birds and squirrels then this beautiful bird shaped hanging feeder. This bird feeder is Amish handcrafted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We offer a wide variety of birdfeeders and bird houses for all types of wild...
Amish Wooden Hanging Gazebo Bird Feeder
Wooden Hanging Gazebo Bird Feeder$71.40

This hanging gazebo bird feeder is sure to become your local birds favorite hang out for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Our Hanging Wooden Gazebo bird feeder is Amish hand crafted in Ohio. Gazebo style bird feeders are very popular because they...
Peanut Butter Feeder
Peanut Butter Feeder$14.00

Our Peanut Butter Feeder attracts birds to your area using peanut butter. Simple and strong in design, this cute bird feeder is built to last!
Amish Wooden Covered Bridge Bird Feeder
Wooden Covered Bridge Bird Feeder$103.60

The Amish Covered Bridge Bird Feeder is a roofed tray feeder intended to hold seeds, nuts, grains, fruit and similar bird foods. Its narrow openings make it especially attractive to small birds. The Amish Covered Bridge Bird Feeder is fully...
Amish Made 2' Pine Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Bird Feeder
2' Pine Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Bird Feeder$120.40

Bring some nautical style into your outdoors with this beautiful lighthouse birdfeeder designed after the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Order a beautiful Cape Hatteras lighthouse to go with this lighthouse birdfeeder to complete the look.
Amish Small Poly Wood Bird Feeder
Small Poly Wood Bird Feeder$260.00

This bird feeder is made of all poly lumber and stainless steel fasteners. It is designed to sit atop a 4 x 4 post (not included). The Bell roof is covered with untreated copper (treated copper is available as an option. The bird feeder roof...
Cedar Log House Bird Feeder
Cedar Log House Bird Feeder$70.00

Our Amish handcrafted cedar birdhouses have a charming allure for birds and humans alike!
Small Cedar Birdfeeder
Small Cedar Birdfeeder$35.00

Add one of these unique cedar birdfeeders to spruce up your backyard and help out our feathered friends at the same time.
Cedar Wood Squirrel Feeder
Cedar Wood Squirrel Feeder$12.25

Feed the local squirrels and keep them out of the bird feeders - they will never know that you have an ulterior motive.
Cedar Post for Bird Feeders
Cedar Post for Bird Feeders$35.00

This bird feeder post is constructed from 4 cedar 1"x4"s with room in the middle to attach your bird feeder.
Amish Rustic Log Cabin Bird Feeder
Rustic Log Cabin Bird Feeder$94.40

Give your feathered friends a place to eat with this rustic log bird feeder.
Amish Primitive Stake Birdfeeder with Wood Roof
Primitive Stake Birdfeeder with Wood Roof$33.60

Please call with questions or ordering assistance on this Amish made stake birdfeeder with wood roof.
Amish Poly Wood Bird Feeder Double Peanut Butter
Poly Wood Bird Feeder Double Peanut Butter$34.48

The lovely Amish Poly Wood Bird Feeder Double Peanut Butter allows you to attract birds into your back yard with delicious peanut butter.
Amish Recycled Plastic Finch Feeder
Recycled Plastic Finch Feeder$26.10

Our environmentally friendly Poly Finch Feeder will be a great addition to your yard or garden. Please call 1-866-272-6773 with ordering assistance on our environmentally friendly birdhouses and bird feeders. Our friendly sales associates are...
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Satisfied Amish Furniture Customers

DutchCrafters, Thank you so much for letting me know tracking #. I think your company has been exceptional to work with and I appreciate everything you've done. I'm very excited to get my birdfeeder! Thank you- Mary Kath
Mary K.
MN ,   2013-08-20T16:20:00-04:00
I just received my order and absolutely love both of my birdhouses!!! What quality work!!! As Arnold Schwarzenegger says . . . "I'll be back!!" Thank you Sharon Stewart
Sharon S.
NC ,   2009-10-19T13:59:00-04:00

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