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Amish Primitive Kaity Cupboard
  • Amish Primitive Kaity Cupboard
  • Amish Primitive Kaity Cupboard
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Amish Primitive Kaity Cupboard

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Height: 44"
Width: 23"
Depth: 12"


Every Piece is Unique Since it is Handpainted

Amish Hand Painted Kaity Cupboard

Cottage Collection

Our one of a kind pine wood cupboard has a hand painted or carved design of a sunflower.  Since it is made from pine wood it is easier to move around the house to find the perfect place for your Kaity Cupboard.  Move it from beside your couch to the kitchen where it can store many of your dishes and glasses.  It does not need to be the center of the room but it does provide some nice accents to the places that need it most.  Use this cupboard to set drinks on as it sits beside our couch or use it to put your book in right before you go to sleep when it is right beside your bed.  This versatile yet durable piece of furniture is the perfect addition to any home.

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