Old Fashioned Wagons

Old Fashioned WagonsAlmost every wagon featured on DutchCrafters is fully functional and ready to go! Amish woodworkers are particularly proud of their wagons, and, as they've been building them for generation. These wagons make great garden decor, but are also popular for use with children during the Halloween and Thanksgiving holiday season. Typically, all our wagons are built to order and thus, customizable. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 1-866-272-6773.

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Amish Wooden Goat Wagon - Medium Rustic
Wooden Goat Wagon - Medium Rustic$278.00

This fully-functional wagon is the perfect choice for seasonal displays as well as for hauling firewood, fresh vegetables, and fallen leaves across your outdoor space.
Amish Old Fashioned Goat Wagon - Large Premium
Old Fashioned Goat Wagon - Large Premium$485.00

Bring traditional beauty and countryside utility to your outdoor space with this premium-quality large goat wagon.
Amish Old Fashioned Goat Wagon - Large Rustic
Old Fashioned Goat Wagon - Large Rustic$385.00

Bring the rustic look of vintage countryside homes to your garden with this large, handcrafted goat wagon.
Amish Goat Wagon - Medium Premium
Goat Wagon - Medium Premium$345.00

Ideal for patios, decks, and gardens, this wagon's perfectly proportioned size lends it incredible versatility.
Amish Made Compact Farm Wagon
Compact Farm Wagon$1,046.00

Built by the Amish of Pennsylvania this handcrafted compact farm wagon is useful for a variety of purposes. not only will this wagon function as a great decorative piece for fall - but it is also fully functional. Pull it behind your ATV to haul...
Amish Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Medium Premium
Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Medium Premium$390.00

Filled to the brim with outstanding Amish craftsmanship, this beautiful buckboard wagon is the ideal home for garden displays, firewood, and so much more.
Amish Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Medium Rustic
Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Medium Rustic$305.00

Bring the rustic charm of America's Amish country to your outdoor space with this traditionally-finished, handcrafted buckboard wagon.
Amish Crafts Decorative Pumpkin Wagon
Crafts Decorative Pumpkin Wagon$481.00

The Amish made red Cedar Wagon is simply beautiful. Original, Beautiful home decor, handcrafted in America.
Amish Crafts Decorative Peddler's Cart Wagon
Crafts Decorative Peddler's Cart Wagon$314.00

This little peddler's cart can be used to carry or transport just about anything. This wagon cart is Amish handcrafted from red cedar wood.
Amish Wooden Express Wagon - Medium Premium
Wooden Express Wagon - Medium Premium$365.00

Handcrafted by expert Amish woodworkers, this beautiful express wagon adds a fun and functional dimension to any outdoor space
Amish Wooden Express Wagon - Large Premium
Wooden Express Wagon - Large Premium$565.00

This fully-functional express wagon is based on original Amish designs, and is guaranteed to bring fun and rustic beauty to any space.
Amish Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Large Rustic
Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Large Rustic$525.00

Fill the garden with seasonal displays of all shapes and sizes with this endlessly entertaining handcrafted wagon.
Amish Made Rustic Buckboard Wagon
Rustic Buckboard Wagon$147.00

This rustic buckboard is Amish handcrafted in the USA from beautiful pine wood. This Amish craft is perfect for the front patio or garden.
Amish Made Rustic Hay Wagon
Rustic Hay Wagon$151.20

This rustic hay wagon is perfect for the lawn, patio or garden. Use as a patio planter or just a beautiful lawn accessory.
Amish Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Large Premium
Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Large Premium$630.00

This beautiful, fully-functional wagon makes the perfect home for seasonal displays, firewood, and much, much more.
Amish Crafts Decorative Buckboard Wagon
Crafts Decorative Buckboard Wagon$464.00

Our old-order Buckboard Wagon is Amish handcrafted from beautiful Red Cedar wood!
Amish Handcrafted Hitch Wagon
Handcrafted Hitch Wagon$222.00

Featuring superior American hand-craftsmanship, this Red Cedar Hitch Wagon is a favorite amongst our loyal customers!
Amish Crafts Decorative Red Cedar Hay Wagon
Crafts Decorative Red Cedar Hay Wagon$494.00

Handcrafted in the USA, this Amish handcrafted Hay Wagon is exquisitely built to offer both beauty and durability.
Amish Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Jumbo Premium
Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Jumbo Premium$1,635.00

Transform your outdoor space into a piece of the Pennsylvania countryside with this incredible, enormous, handcrafted jumbo Amish wagon!
Amish Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Jumbo Rustic
Old Fashioned Buckboard Wagon - Jumbo Rustic$1,354.00

Whoa there! This enormous handcrafted wagon is a showstopper that's perfect for hauling, for outdoor displays, and much, much more.
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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!! The box arrived as scheduled. We packed it directly into our reenacting trailer and will assemble it later this week. Gary
Gary K.
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