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Amish & Mennonites

Discover more about Amish and Mennonite beliefs, history and lifestyles.

Furniture Glossary

New designer wanting to familiarize yourself with furniture terminology?  Need to link to a helpful cheat sheet for quick reference?  Shopping for furniture and simply curious about the features?  This furniture glossary defines with pictures and words many terms that are used to characterize fine furniture.

Furniture History

Want to learn more about the origins of Shaker Furniture, the Windsor Chair or other furniture types?  Here's you'll find a rich resource.

Distressed Wood Furniture Finishes

Read about the various way to distress your new Amish furniture to create the appearance of expensive antique furniture.

Our Custom Furniture

Let us help you design the perfect piece.

DutchCrafters Videos

Hear about the DutchCrafters Difference through the voices of its founders, woodshops and customer service team.  Four helpful videos will give you an overview!

Wood Types

Want to learn more about the various wood types offered at DutchCrafters?  Visit this page to learn more.

DutchCrafters at a Decade

Learn more about DutchCrafters for our 10th anniversary in 2013!

Planning for Your Amish Furniture Delivery

Follow these easy suggestions and steps to ensure that your new furniture delivery goes smoothly.

Who are the Amish? An Infographic

Learn about the everyday life and customs of the Amish.

What's Hot in Amish Furniture

See what's trending in Amish Furniture at DutchCrafters.

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