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Polywood Outdoor Furniture - The New Standard in Outdoor Decor

The new standard in Amish Outdoor Furniture, Poly Wood furniture (also known as poly furniture), is crafted from an eco-friendly, post-consumer material that is designed the last decades, even when exposed to the elements.  While the Amish continue to build outdoor furniture made in yellow pine, cedar and cypress, poly wood furniture is quickly becoming a favorite with all of our happy customers.  At DutchCrafters, we've been a leading Internet retailer of Amish poly furniture since 2003.

Polywood Furniture is Sustainable!

Polywood outdoor furniture is highly regarded for several reasons. Since polywood furniture is made from recycled plastics instead of wood, it is very ecologically friendly.  For every 100 lbs of polywood, 1000 milk jugs - otherwise destined for landfills - find a new useful life. Polywood furniture is sustainable furniture!

Polywood Furniture is Maintenance Free!

Another benefit in polywood outdoor furniture is that is it virtually maintenance free.  Unlike wood outdoor furniture that must be frequently repainted, treated and cleaned of mildew - polywood furniture maintains its beauty for decades.  It is easy to clean from time to time with a little soap and water, or can easily be pressure cleaned without worry of taking off paint.  If it is scratched or dinged, it is hardly noticeable since polywood colors are true throughout the product - not just at surface level. Click here to learn more about cleaning and maintaining your polywood furniture.

Polywood Furniture is Durable!

Additionally, poly furniture is long-lasting and highly durable.  It won't splinter, crack or warp and is both pest-resistant and weather resistant.  Polywood outdoor furniture will hold up in extreme climates, from hot and humid Florida to the freezing temperatures of Minnesota. It is built to last for decades.  While polywood outdoor furniture may cost more than wood furniture, the value added to your investment in outdoor furniture will carry on for many years.

Polywood furniture comes in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.  Our polywood tables and polywood chairs are strong, durable and very comfortable.  If you're looking for polywood chairs, consider our popular Adirondack polywood chairs.

Polywood chairs - A Testimonial

"We purchased a set of white POLYWOOD chairs for ourselves shortly after we founded DutchCrafters, just to see for ourselves how they would hold up.  That was in 2003.  Almost a decade later, these polywood chairs are still our favorite outdoor chairs and have a prominent place on our patio.  We pressure clean them once a year, and they look as good as the day we bought them.  They are comfortable and hold up just fine, even in the hot Florida sun.  We also feel good about our POLYWOOD chairs, knowing that they are Earth-friendly and American made."

- Jim & Linse Miller, DutchCrafters Founders

Polywood Makes for the Perfect Outdoor Furniture!

DutchCrafters Polywood Furniture will add charm to your outdoor living space. You'll be amazed at how quickly it becomes a center-piece of conversation!

Polywood Outdoor Furniture offers many benefits:
  • Made from recycled plastics, Polywood Outdoor Furniture is ecologically friendly, a model in sustainable outdoor furniture.
  • Polywood Outdoor furniture is weather-resistant. It will withstand rain, dryness, humidity, heat, cold, snow, sleet and direct sunlight.
  • Polywood Furniture is maintenance-free - no painting or refinishing.  Just clean with a hose from time to time.
  • Handcrafted by the Amish, DutchCrafters Polywood Outdoor Furniture is built with care and expert craftsmanship.  It is beautifully made, built for strength and durability.
  • Polywood Outdoor furniture will last for many years to come.  Most of our poly furniture comes with a 20 - 25 Year Guarantee.
  • Polywood Outdoor Furniture is built for comfort and living. It won't fade, splinter, crack or warp.
  • DutchCrafters Polywood Furniture is Made in America!

What more could you from your investment in high quality outdoor furniture?  At DutchCrafters, you can purchase your Polywood Outdoor Furniture with confidence, knowing that it is backed by a name you can trust. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we have served thousands of happy customers over the years.

If you are looking for POLYWOOD Brand furniture, please see our collection of POLYWOOD products. Although these products are not Amish, they are proudly made in the United States with the highest standard of quality! Call DutchCrafters at 866-272-6773 with any questions or to place your order today!

From a farm in Ohio, where these pieces were crafted, DutchCrafters Co-Founder, Linse Miller, relaxes in this beautiful pub style dining set and shows you want you can expect from your new furniture:

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