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Add an autumn feeling to a home with Amish outdoor furniture

by Tom Grimes

Homeowners who are looking to add new accents to their abode as the leaves begin to fall and days get shorter may want to look no further than the attic for unique decorations, according to The Winnipeg Free Press.

Beautiful, decorative items may be wrapped up in boxes or stowed away in a corner, and before throwing them away, it may be beneficial to examine them and see if they can be refitted for other purposes.

"Take a second look at it and ask yourself, what else can it be?" Wendy Russell, host of HGTV's She's Crafty, told the news provider.

For example, the glass of a body-length mirror can actually be cut and transformed into wall mirrors, and an old door can be turned into a quirky coffee table with the help of a local woodworker.

However, homeowners who are looking for a dignified, decorative touch to the exterior of their residences may also want to look at pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture, which can add a distinct, seasonal flair to the outdoors, which can be more difficult to decorate.

Amish windchimes can easily be hung outside a front door, so that soothing, musical tones fill a foyer and set the atmosphere. Likewise, Amish mailboxes or windmills can lend a rustic appearance to a backyard.

1/21/2017 8:23:53 AM