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Add flare to your bedroom with an Amish chimney cabinet

by Tom Grimes

As you accumulate possessions over the years, you may find yourself increasingly in need of places to go store them all. Closets fill up and attics become unruly. It can be difficult to strike that delicate balance between capacity and aesthetic, oftentimes having to sacrifice one for the the other. With Amish-made furniture, you need not worry about such things.

Amish bedroom furniture is made with beauty and function in mind, and nowhere is this better demonstrated than in the chimney cabinet. Traditionally placed besides the fireplace as a storage area, these pieces tend to be thin and narrow, specifically taking up less space. They have since migrated to the bedroom, but their chiseled and rustic charm has withstood the tests of history.

These solid wood chimney cabinets are gorgeous. Most of them are hand-painted with natural images like horses, floral patterns and animal tracks. They bring an enduring primitive feel to any bedroom, and in spite of their thin designs, will store a surprising amount.

1/24/2017 10:07:20 AM