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Add light and space to a room with an Amish mirror

by Tom Grimes

Many homeowners eventually want to create the feeling of space in a room and make a home appear more open, but are cautious about any drastic renovations or changes to achieve this feature.

HGTV.com reports that strategically hanging mirrors in a room can open it up and grant a whole new perspective onto the space, and suggests several ways to take full advantage of a mirror's decorative properties.

One popular method is to hang a mirror across from a window. The glass will reflect the natural light, and may significantly brighten the area.

If a room gives little or no access to a window, hanging a mirror to reflect colorful rugs can also be a sophisticated way to reflect a room's palette. If one desires more space, mirroring furniture can make it appear like the area is double its actual size.

Hanging mirrors in an entry-way can also leave a lasting impression on visitors, by making a home appear larger.

Amish mirrors are pieces of Amish made furniture can effectively add new dazzle and dimension to any room. With their handsome, hand-carved frames and traditional appearances, these mirrors can open a space to light and bring a warm dignity to a home.

1/17/2017 6:27:13 PM