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Add personality to contemporary rooms with Amish TV stands

by Tom Grimes

The Manila Bulletin reports that the common trend of contemporary design often emphasizes a spare, uncluttered appearance with a few sleek appliances and pieces of furniture, but this may leave a room feeling cold and uninviting.

One way to make a room seem a little warmer is to focus on the flooring. Shaggy carpets or hardwood surfaces can provide a striking contrast between chrome, metal or other smooth items in a home.

Designer Isabel Asuncion also suggests using colorful throw pillows or countertops for splashes of eccentric colors such as red and ochre. These can make the room visually exciting to any guest and also make it feel more intimate. Plants can also prove to be a quirky touch to cabinets or tables, and act as bursts of green a room of mostly neutral colors.

Window treatments should be the same color of the walls, but distinctly different from other parts of the home, to act as a backdrop for the more personal elements of the space.

Pieces of Amish furniture can be another practical addition to contemporary rooms that need to be refreshed by a warm, rustic item. Amish TV stands can offer a pleasant dichotomy of modern technology and traditional, handcrafted pieces.

1/24/2017 8:21:48 PM