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Add some flare to your kitchen with Amish accessories

by Tom Grimes

Modern kitchens can be cold and ineffectual, an oppressive chrome lacking in personality that makes cooking feel like a sterile chore. If you want to inject some life back into yours, consider adding some traditional charm with Amish-made accessories.

There are handcrafted solid wood Amish products that can instantly spruce up your kitchen. Their extra-large bamboo cutting boards will ensure that you can safely prepare ingredients without damaging your counters. For the serious gourmand, a solid wood butcher's board will provide more than enough room for even the most complex recipe.

Vegetable and bread boxes have a dignified elegance will help keep things fresh until the moment that you need them. Copper fronts are stylish and functional, perfectly preserving everything you keep inside.

Those who frequently entertain guests will find a variety of accessories to make their next get-together a rousing success. An oak microwave popcorn dispenser will keep your counters clean and eliminate the need to wash greasy bowls when you've finished. Rustic nut bowls are hewn from beautiful rustic-looking wood and will look great on your hearth when filled with nuts.

1/16/2017 12:12:32 PM