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Add stability to a vacation home with an Amish bed

by Tom Grimes

Vacation homes are calm sanctuaries far from a busy city or suburb, but many people also rent them out when they aren't using them. RealEstateWeb.co.za recently suggested some tips for those who are renting their home-away-from-home to others.

First, the news source recommends that some luxury renovations can attract the eye of possible renters and up the value of the property. Adding a spa for relaxation or a deck and terrace that offer a beautiful view can often add a distinct touch to a vacation spot.

It's also important to keep in mind that personal decorations aren't always going to match a renter's tastes. It's best to keep each room relatively neutral in colors and design. Family photos should also be replaced by paintings or drawings.

Spaces should also be organized and free of clutter, according to the news outlet. This way, renters can make sure that a home accommodates their unique needs, so they can feel comfortable during their stay.

Pieces of furniture that are durable are also highly recommended. Amish bedroom furniture is beautifully crafted by professional Amish workers who strive to make sure that each piece is heirloom-quality.

1/16/2017 5:55:06 AM