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Amish-American Woodshop Specializes in Timeless Lighthouse Replicas

by Tom Grimes

   From the great Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria (280 BC), to the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina’s Outer Banks (1870), lighthouses everywhere have been a welcomed signal that home is not far. Providing safety, certainty, and comfort, a lighthouse is a guide through rough waters and near treacherous rocks, a warning, a beacon, and a savior. As Lieutenant David D. Porter put it in a United States Navy report regarding the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in 1851:

“Cape Hatteras is the point made by all vessels going to the south, and also coming from that direction; the current of the Gulf Stream runs so close to the outer point of the shoals that vessels double as close round the breakers as possible, to avoid its influence. The only guide they have is the light…”

  The images of shoals hidden beneath a dark, glassy curtain of tumultuous ocean resonates in my mind. The current pulling vessels in dangerously, unknowingly close. And then the light … to know the uncertainty of dark waters and stormy nights is the only way to fully appreciate the relief, hope, and salvation embodied in the radiant glow of the light.

   Today, the representative value of a lighthouse may far exceeds the actual historical purpose. Though GPS has made lighthouses more and more expendable through the years, the hope and knowledge embodied within the image of a lighthouse still resonates in the hearts and minds of ocean-farers everywhere. For have we not all experienced the uncertainty of dark waters and stormy nights? In some way or another, have we not all felt the relief, hope, and salvation of a radiant, glowing beacon in our lives?

   Now you can celebrate the uplifting meaning and rich history of the lighthouse in your own front yard, as some of America’s most renowned Amish craftsmen have taken to building authentic lighthouse replicas in both wood and poly wood (a maintenance-free wood alternative developed from recycled milk cartons).

   These enduring nautical icons beautifully accent homes and gardens with a timeless nautical grace and charm. In the most recent decades of our world, lighthouse have become a foundation for spectacular memories and magical moments – and now you can commemorate those moments with your very own home lighthouse replica, crafted and painted in the reflection of your favorite or most memorable lighthouse.

   Each lighthouse has its own unique story, rich history, and distinct pattern. The masterful American craftsmen who replicate these are aware of the colors and patterns of each individual lighthouse, and lighthouses are painted accordingly with historical accuracy. The long list of Amish-handcrafted replica lighthouse available on DutchCrafters includes over 20 world-renowned nautical beacons! Is your favorite lighthouse on the list?

  1. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, NC
  2. The Cape Cod Lighthouse, MA
  3. The Tybee Lighthouse, GA
  4. The Key Lights Lighthouse, NJ
  5. The Vermillion Lighthouse, OH
  6. The Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ
  7. The Cape Henry Lighthouse, VA
  8. The St. Augustine Lighthouse, FL
  9. The Assateague Lighthouse, VA
  10. The Montauk Lighthouse, NY
  11. The Cape Lookout Lighthouse, NC
  12. The Cape May Lighthouse, NJ
  13. The Marblehead Lighthouse, OH
  14. The White Shoal Lighthouse, MI
  15. The Split Rock Lighthouse, MN
  16. The Fire Island Lighthouse, NY
  17. The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, FL
  18. The Oak Island Lighthouse, NC
  19. The West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, ME
  20. The Bodie Island Lighthouse, NC

   If you’re favorite lighthouse isn’t on the list don’t lose hope! Because each lighthouse is individually crafted to order, Amish craftsmen are generally happy to accommodate to custom requests. Just give us a call toll-free: 866-272-6773.

Consider the Following Practical Uses for Your Replica Lighthouse:

  1. Dock Finder

Amish Lighthouses   I, for one, never understood the full beauty and charm of a replica lighthouse until I first saw one standing a magnificent six feet tall on a personal dock just off the inter-coastal waterway on Siesta Key, Florida. The six foot lighthouse replica made this dock immediately stand-out, and with a fully functional revolving light, in the dark you could spot this lighthouse from a mile away! Allow a lighthouse to be your beacon of hope and guide you on your path home after a long, grueling day of fishing with your friends, or just a pleasant, relaxing sunset cruise with the family.

  1. Well Head or Sewer Pipe Cover

   Lighthouse replicas are the ideal, attractive solution to covering any and all unsightly obstructions that you may be stuck with in your yard. From well heads to sewer pipes, a lighthouse replica will mask that obtrusive, unappealing object with magnificent color and splendor! Handcrafted with hollow interiors, and available in multiple sizes spanning from two feet to twenty feet, lighthouse replicas can be set over an immense variety of objects.

  1. Business or Restaurant Attraction

   Amish lighthouse replicas have been sought out by numerous businesses and restaurants as means to attract customers off the streets and into stores. Commonly used along the store-front of seafood restaurants for their nautical charm and resonance, lighthouse replicas are ideal for any beach-front or tourism driven business.

Creating a Lighthouse for Your Home, Dock, or Garden:

   Beyond your choosing of the original lighthouse to be replicated, there are a number of additional decisions that must be made to create the perfect lighthouse for your home, dock, or garden. Among these decisions are material, size, and light.

  1. Materials:

   Lighthouse replicas are handcrafted by the Amish from the following materials:

Tuftec Plywood – A 9-Ply exterior birch plywood. Won't break, warp, or crack. Primed and painted with an exterior paint that to handle adverse weather elements.

Poly Wood – An eco-friendly, maintenance-free hardwood alternative made from recycled milk cartons. Designed to look and feel similar to wood, poly wood is not affected by most corrosive materials and will not promote bacterial growth or mildew. Poly Wood will not crack, splinter, or rot, and withstands sand, saltwater, rain, and snow without harm.

Stone – Uses common stones from the earth laid in mortar for a truly distinct and one-of-a-kind final product.

  1. Sizes:

   Replica lighthouse are available in a wide variety of sizes depending on your personal needs and preferences. Wooden and poly wood lighthouses are available in 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 8’, 12’, and 20’ sizes. Stonemasonry lighthouses are available in 5’, 6’, 8’, and 12’

  1. Lights:

   Amish-crafted replica lighthouses also come available with numerous light options to accommodate to any and all personal preferences. Available lights include the standard electric plug-in light, a 36 rmp revolving light, an eight-LED solar light, and an extra-large revolving light for 8’+ models. Interior lights for the lighthouse base are also available but not standard. Additional lighting accessories include a dusk to dawn sensor and a plug-in “flasher”.

About the Lighthouse-Crafting Amish Woodshop:

   Located in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, home to some of the finest artisans still practicing the art of handcraftsmanship, this small Amish wood shop asserts that quality and customer satisfaction its number one objective and primary goals in every product they produce. Having crafted lighthouses since 1998, each lighthouse is built with the knowledge and skill that can only come from years of experience. Custom lighthouses are a specialty among these woodworkers, and custom requests are welcomed.

   Call DutchCrafters today to get the ball rolling on your durable, American-made, decorative outdoor lighthouse replica! 1-866-272-6773.

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