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Amish Cottage collection offers rustic, charming look to a home

by Tom Grimes

Many homeowners may have trouble making large multi-functional rooms intimate when they need to serve so many different purposes. For example, a living room can often act as the place for families to get together and watch TV, but also as an area for children to play video games and do homework.

This can easily lead to clutter or a feeling of a disjointed room with no central theme. That's why some may opt for pieces of Amish furniture from the Cottage Collection, which is specially made by Amish woodworkers to evoke feelings of warmth, tradition and togetherness.

These handsome, handcrafted items can tie a room together - from the rustic charm of the accent tables to the bold and durable benches. Many also offer the opportunity for homeowners to customize them accordingly.

Most pieces can be adorned with meticulous hand paintings, whether one wants to portray a nature scene, animals or fish. With these unique decorations, these items are sure to start conversations and leave visitors entertained, while at the same time uniting a room under a common theme.

They can also be ideal for dining rooms, at the Cottage hutches offer a beautiful place for one to put delicate dishware, serve food and store linens.

1/24/2017 8:15:05 AM