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Amish Entertainment Centers

by Tom Grimes

We're all jumping on board with the new plasma, wide-screen TVs. And why not, they're incredible! Some of us even have 3-D TVs! But few of us consider the platform upon which our televisions rest. A quality entertainment center is not overshadowed by it's television, but they should compliment each other, and offer their owner a beautiful and balanced room. You've invested in a quality TV, now its time to invest in a quality entertainment center to finish things off!

Today, many of us shop for cheap, imported entertainment centers, maybe at Ikea or Walmart. But how cheap is that entertainment center really when you buy a new one every other year? Or how cheap is it when it breaks and your new plasma screen TV takes a devastating fall? Imported entertainment centers are mass produced on assembly lines, using every short cut possible to save money and speed up production. With this kind of focus on production and profiteering, entertainment centers are held to low quality standards.

But here at DutchCrafters each Entertainment Center is built to order. They are built in America, by highly skilled and trained American craftsmen, and each entertainment center is inspected multiple times throughout development for material and workmanship related defects. Additionally they are all completely handcrafted and use only the strongest, most beautiful cuts of solid hardwoods. They are never left in a warehouse to rot or warp, but shipped directly to our customers' homes immediately.

DutchCrafters handcrafted, American-made, hardwood entertainment centers are held to the highest standards of craftsmanship! And rather than buy a new one every other year, they are designed to last generations!

But to go even further with this, both due to the materials and craftsmanship, DutchCrafter's entertainment centers are some of the most beautiful and functional available. Our customers are continuously stunned by the beauty of our woodshops' hardwoods, stains, paints, and distresses. Not to mention, our customers choose all these options to attain an entertainment center that is one-of-a-kind, and designed specifically to fit their home and needs. Customers may even request specific hole placements for wires and chords!

Call us today to begin an order or discuss the available options on our American, handcrafted entertainment centers. The quality of our products is matched only by the quality of our service. We have a live Amish furniture specialist on-call toll-free 5 days a week! No frustrating automated telephone systems here! So give us a call today, and let us show you what we do!  1-866-272-6773

DutchCrafters is a name you can trust with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Built with Integrity, Sold with Integrity.

1/24/2017 2:25:10 PM