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Amish Murphy bed can be ideal for converting spare room into guest room

by Tom Grimes

Across the country, college students are moving out of their parents' homes and into dormitories. This can leave a bedroom open for renovation, and homeowners can convert the space into a guest room.

Guest rooms are an ideal opportunity for individuals to experiment with colors and decorations. Homeowners can hang paintings of landscapes on the walls and install new window treatments that take advantage of the daylight.

Most guest rooms may also include a nightstand with a few drawers for visitors to store their belongings. Placing a vase of flowers or small, decorative statues on this table can add splashes of color to the room.

Amish bedroom furniture can create an atmosphere of dignity and beauty in any room. Amish Murphy Wall Beds are particularly suited for guest rooms, because they can fold into the wall when they are not in use.

These pieces are handsome, comfortable, practical, built to last for years to come. By taking up as little space as possible, Amish Murphy Wall Beds can create a guest room in one moment and a living room in another, blending in perfectly with shelves and other furniture.

1/19/2017 6:29:46 PM