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Amish armoires are dignified additions to a bedroom

by Tom Grimes

The Arizona Daily Star recently reported that many homeowners neglect their bedroom when redesigning a home, which can leave the space unremarkable and impersonal.

"The bedroom tends to get forgotten - you spend all your money elsewhere in the house," interior designer Michael Payne told the news provider. "You end up with a totally forgettable room that you don't want your best friend to see."

According to the news source, the three easiest ways to improve a bedroom's aesthetics are to focus on the painting, lighting and flooring. Lighting is especially important in older homes, where rooms can be dark and uninviting.

Hanging colorful window treatments that allow the sunshine into the home can be an effective way of brightening things up. Painting the room in bright colors and installing a carpet can also make the room feel cozier.

Payne suggests that many homeowners use furniture that was given to them. Instead, he recommends that they decorate a bedroom with things that they love. Cleaning up clutter and using complementary covers and pillows may also help customize the space.

A handsome piece of Amish bedroom furniture, such as an armoire, can add the dignity that some homeowners are seeking. These items are handcrafted by Amish workers and are built to last for generations.

1/17/2017 6:29:06 PM