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Amish bookcases are ideal room dividers

by Tom Grimes

A popular new trend in interior design is separating a room with a strategically placed piece of furniture, such as a bookcase or screen, according to News-Press.com. This addition can turn one corner of a room into an intimate spot.

The goal is to create a space that interests visitors, drawing them to it through the power of curiosity. By angling a bookcase to make a reading corner or lounge, a homeowner can essentially have an area in a room that is distinctly separate and unique from the rest of the area.

Since bookcases are also practical pieces as dividers, they can store plants, books and other items that reinforce the aesthetic value of this creative touch.

"You want them [dividers] to be both - a bookcase and a room divider or a piece of art and a room divider. But a room divider itself is kind of boring," interior designer Vanessa Pena told the news provider. "It's really cool to use room dividers that serve a purpose."

One savvy way to incorporate this design trend in a home is to use a material that reflects a traditional appearance. An Amish bookcase is a piece of Amish handcrafted furniture that can act as a beautiful room divider, because it is a standalone piece and can also hint at the space that lies behind it.

1/21/2017 8:23:32 AM