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Amish breakfast nook can be a romantic dining spot for couples

by Tom Grimes

While most couples still abide by the standard tradition of living in the same residence, The Journal reports that many older pairs are choosing to "live together apart."

Caroline Coode and Gordon Smith are one such couple, who have split their home into two separate floors. One caters toward Coode's creative spirit, featuring her own artwork on the walls, and the other provides Smith with the room he requires for a study space.

Despite their decision to live separately, the couple doesn't appear to spend any less time with each other. They constantly go on vacations together and share their mutual interests. Meals are another part of the day where they meet, having breakfast on the rooftop terrace that they both own, and lunch and dinner on Coode's floor.

Perhaps most important for her, Coode has managed to use the extra space to transform a large room into an art studio, where she can work on creating handmade prints.

Couples who have decided to personalize different corners of a home to their individual needs may also want a spot to gather and be together.

Pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture such as an Amish breakfast nook set can be ideal for a casual meal that also emphasizes family, and can be a welcome place for board games and other pastimes.

1/19/2017 7:55:11 AM