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Amish buffets can offer fun, alternative way of serving meals

by Tom Grimes

When it comes to dinner time, getting plates and food out onto the table can sometimes be more stressful than the food preparation itself. Cooks who find themselves dreading the delivery of their dishes may instead want to find a way to keep everything neat and organized.

One way to better sort through a dinner is to try and do a buffet-style meal. This can help families who are tired of the same old thing and may also prove to be an effective way to better measure out portions.

For any proper buffet, however, one needs a piece that can convey the traditional feeling of a family dinner. Items of Amish dining room furniture such as an Amish buffet can add beauty and function to any eating space.

Some of these pieces, like the solid wood heirloom buffet, come with a baker's rack that can make storing plates, bowls and eating utensils a breeze. One can use the drawers to keep napkins, tablecloths and placemats organized as well.

For a subtle and elegant option, one may opt for the Amish 3-door Manchester buffet, which has a muted look that conveys sophistication and dignity.

1/21/2017 10:18:33 AM