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Amish curios can spark interest in an office

by Tom Grimes

Office employees and executives are always looking for ways to leave a lasting impression on clients who visit the work place. LiveMint.com reports that one company, Bang Bang Films, recently invested heavily into an office that would ring with a unique and inspiring theme.

Some of the more unusual features of the property are a bathtub table in the conference room that is filled with baby sharks, and a cow-head tap in the managing director's office.

There is also a very conscious, minimalist appearance to the building. Sliding glass doors and tables with no partitions are meant to foster a sense of openness. Surfaces are neutral, so people remain the focus wherever they are in the office.

Another notable implementation was several curios that were salvaged from Mumbai. The aged appearance of such pieces can serve as a striking contrast between the work place's slew of ultra-modern features, and those decorating their office may want to purchase new Amish curios for their workspace.

These beautiful pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture are perfect for displaying trinkets or artwork that makes an office stand apart. Curios can serve as conversation starters and also present the room with a cultured appearance.

1/21/2017 12:26:59 PM