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Amish day beds can be ideal for sleepovers

by Tom Grimes

Homeowners who are trying to design the best bedroom for their child may be looking for effective ways to prepare for the nights that friends sleep over. This can be a challenging task, because space may be limited and sleeping bags can often be uncomfortable solutions.

Children may also not want to have to root around through closets to find blankets and extra padding, either. The best bet might be to have a built-in way to easily host friends that youngsters can use themselves.

A traditional, handcrafted day bed may be an ideal piece of Amish bedroom furniture for this situation. These beds offer a trundle mechanism, so that a second mattress can be pulled out from under the first, turning into a sleeping spot for guests.

These pieces are built to last for years, so they can be handsome and practical additions to a child's bedroom as they grow older.

When distant friends and family are visiting, families can also use the day bed, so the piece can also help turn a space into a guest room. Visiting guests with young children will particularly enjoy the fact that they can keep a close eye on a youngster during the night.

1/23/2017 10:13:24 PM