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Amish electric fireplaces let you enjoy the warmth of fire anywhere

by Tom Grimes

A warm fire is truly one of the most appealing ways to spend a chilly winter evening, but the traditional fireplace is a quickly-diminishing luxury in this day and age. Wood-burning fireplaces are taxing on the modern homeowner, who wants to enjoy their crackling glow without negotiating balled-up newspapers and costly logs.

Amish electric fireplaces allow the indulgence of their analog counterparts with none of the hassle. These solid wood pieces are painstakingly handcrafted using old-world techniques passed down through generations of craftsmen.

With an electric fireplace, one need not worry about carbon monoxide, smoke, ashes, fumes or installation. They simply plug into the wall and are ready to go, instantly giving any room the look and comfort of a quaint village inn.

For additional functionality, one may choose to purchase a fireplace with an entertainment center or bookshelf on top. Whatever the style, these pieces are easily set up, forgoing the need for any specialized tools or complex installation.

Because no smoke is produced, electric fireplaces are 100 percent efficient. Additionally, every piece comes with a remote control that allows them to operate with heat only, flame only or both.

1/16/2017 12:14:41 PM