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Amish furniture cart wheel chandelier can add rustic touch to living room

by Tom Grimes

As the central gathering points for the family to relax and talk to each other, living rooms can be spaces that reflect the common interest of the household. They are also areas for relaxation.

Rustic design schemes can be popular for the natural warmth that can come with aged, wooden walls and furniture. Homeowners looking to build on this appearance may also want to consider hanging trinkets from flea markets and garage sales on the walls.

Another way to enhance the country setting of a living room is to fill a shelf with old books or decorate with a piece of artwork that displays scenes from a bygone era.

Lighting can be another crucial element in designing a rustic room. Using a piece of Amish handcrafted furniture, such as the cart wheel chandelier, is an effective way to illuminate a space without losing the country appeal.

Cart wheel chandeliers are actual, handcrafted wheels which are fitted with light bulbs. They are sure to attract attention wherever they are placed, and can brighten an entire room.

Homeowners looking to bring more natural, handcrafted pieces into their homes may also consider decorative Amish pieces, such as miniature-covered wagons, buckboards and ox carts. The unique style of these pieces will add natural flair to a garden or living room.

1/21/2017 5:42:40 AM