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Amish game tables can provide winter-time fun

by Tom Grimes

During the winter, with cold weather keeping individuals indoors, families get a chance to see a lot more of each other. However, many households may choose to use this opportunity to watch movies or TV shows together, instead of doing something interactive.

One way that parents can try and get their children involved in a fun, family activity is to introduce an Amish game table into the living room or den. These pieces of handcrafted Amish furniture are ideal ways for everyone to have a great time together and also provide any room with a unique focal point.

The hickory wood game table doubles as a magazine stand, which means that it can be tucked away beside a couch or chair when not in use. The traditional design of this piece also means that it can easily blend into any room, regardless of theme.

Those who are looking for a new centerpiece for a room may opt for the solid wood Prairie Mission game table. The wood type and finish of this item can be fully customized to a homeowner's tastes.

While these pieces offer users a standard layout for chess and checkers, other pieces are crafted specifically for other games such as Chinese checkers and aggravation.

1/18/2017 1:07:33 PM