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Amish hickory furniture brings natural charm to your abode

by Tom Grimes

Modern furniture often seems cold and calculated - more concerned with function than aesthetics. Homeowners looking for that personal touch may be in search of something with an inviting personality that doesn't compromise on quality. Enter Amish hickory furniture.

Hickory wood immediately brings to mind a simpler time, when the United States was a budding young nation, eager to prove itself in the global arena. While its design stems from farmers who constructed these pieces strictly out of necessity, skilled Amish woodworkers raise it to heirloom quality with deft precision and fine craftsmanship.

Amish hickory furniture makes no presumptions about itself. Its lines are straight and honest and promises only the most reliable construction. Bookshelves are elegant in their simplicity, bordered intimately by natural-looking logs. Sit back in a rustic hickory rocker as you reflect on times gone by, much as 19th century laborers enjoyed a pipe after a long day of work.

A television stand will bring modern functionality to this timeless look, or let your family eat in graceful style at the dining table. One can practically furnish the entire home with hickory furniture if they so choose! 

1/19/2017 6:28:19 PM