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Amish hutches and paint can help expand a dining room

by Tom Grimes

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that homeowners who are looking to broaden a living space can accomplish this feat easily and effectively by painting the walls in their abode a different color.

"You can make a small room look larger and ceilings appear higher simply by getting creative when it comes to paint and color schemes," color consultant Ann McGuire told the news source.

She also recommends that lighter shades can bring a warm feeling to the room, and these colors can be complemented by white trim and jewel-toned accents. Surfaces that reflect light can also refresh an area that appears cramped. Try using mirrors, metals and glass to decorate different corners.

Another way to add a new dimension to a room is to choose a focal point of furniture, such as a bookcase, fireplace, or a unique corner. Painting the wall that this piece is centered against can bring a fresh perspective to a space.

Amish hutches are pieces of Amish dining room furniture that can serve as handsome, handcrafted focal points to any dining room. Their spacious cupboards and drawers can also accommodate dishes, utensils, tablecloths and other dining accessories.

1/21/2017 2:30:09 PM