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Amish jewelry boxes can be thoughtful gifts for college

by Tom Grimes

Across the country, students are getting ready to move away from home and undertake studies at colleges and universities, some of which may be located far away. It may be a good idea to get them a small but memorable piece of Amish bedroom furniture to commemorate the occasion.

Amish furniture is particularly well-suited to the volatile environment of college life because it is durable and expertly designed. This is a brand of item that a student can cherish as a piece of their home, no matter where they are living.

If a young adult is an avid collector of jewelry, an Amish jewelry box is a dignified and attractive way to store all bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other accessories. Many models include classic, lift-out trays, necklaces hooks and felt lining.

A men's valet is another beautiful handcrafted piece that can help students keep all of their valuable cards, wallets and keys in one safe and organized space.

College is a transitional phase for many young men and women. By investing in a small piece of Amish furniture to celebrate their journey, one may also offer them an item that is guaranteed to last well through this period and beyond.

1/20/2017 7:16:05 PM