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Amish lighting provides homes with unique shine

by Tom Grimes

Lighting can sometimes be the part of the household that is neglected,comma but with a touch of creativity and planning, homeowners can light up the corners of a room, yard or driveway to make sure there is a soft and relaxing glow.

During the summer, outdoor lighting can keep a garden shining at night, showing off bright foliage during barbecues or dinners on the porch. These can be especially useful to illuminate statues, fountains or other objects decorating the yard.

HGTV.com recommends casting these outdoor lights at an angle toward the items, because direct lighting can cause harsh shadows. Other optimal spots for lighting are along garden paths or driveways, to direct visitors through the yard.

Shadows can also be used. The news source suggests lighting the more unusual trees or shrubs in the yard at an angle so that its unique shadow is cast on a wall.

Pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture such as wooden lighthouses can be beautiful additions to any backyard. By placing these at points along walkways or gardens, one can create a radiance that is sure to impress guests,comma and highlight the finer features of a garden during a summer evening.

1/19/2017 5:51:49 AM