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Amish lounge chairs make a cozy, dignified reading nook in the bedroom

by Tom Grimes

It's often difficult to find the perfect spot to escape and read a good book. Many times, one has to resort to the living room, where other family members may be watching TV or playing video games.

That's why many homeowners may want to instead design their own private reading nook. This can eliminate all of the pesky distractions of the household so that one can get thoroughly lost in a good novel. The key to making this intimate corner is to find a comfortable chair that can add a relaxing and dignified aesthetic to the room.

Pieces of Amish furniture such as the Amish lounge chair are perfect for a day spent resting. They can add a wholesome, traditional look to any bedroom and offer a wide variety of vibrant upholsteries with unique patterns.

Some are available with ottomans as well, which can be comfortable resting places for feet, magazines or even food. For those who want a little more flexibilty in their seating arrangement, the Amish mission recliner can lean all the way back and double as a great place to take an afternoon nap.

1/17/2017 6:05:38 AM