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Amish microwave cabinet can provide sophisticated storage solution

by Tom Grimes

It is sometimes difficult to match microwaves with the rest of a kitchen's theme, especially if one is trying to create a traditional atmosphere. For spaces with limited counter space, they can also create an obstacle for food preparation. That's why it may be best to find a piece that can seamlessly accommodate a microwave while also offering storage for other kitchen necessities.

An Amish microwave cabinet is a unique piece of Amish handcrafted furniture that is sure to complement any rustic kitchen space. These items, which are crafted by professional Amish woodworkers, are beautiful and elegant cornerpieces that offer spacious drawers and shelves for dishes, linens and other appliances.

The elegant Pine Wood microwave stand comes complete with a pull-out tray, where one can either place extra food during big parties or hot plates so that they can cool off. They are also available with an optional hand-painted design, from wildlife to plants to elements of nature, applied to the doors below.

The warm charm of a Farmhouse microwave hutch may appeal to other homeowners who are looking for a piece to complete their kitchen. In addition to offering a cozy nook for microwaves, this item has glass drawers for cooking supplies, small drawers for linens and silverware and doors for other appliances.

1/18/2017 5:06:40 PM