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Amish night stands are economic additions to a bedroom

by Tom Grimes

Homeowners who have modestly-sized bedrooms may find that they can't fit much more into their sleeping spaces beside a bed and a bureau. This can present a problem for those who want to enjoy a meal under the covers or watch TV before going to sleep.

Individuals who want a solid and dependable addition to a room that can offer storage space for accessories, a surface for lamps and plates while still boasting rustic charm may be interested in pieces of Amish bedroom furniture such as Amish nightstands, which are beautiful cornerpieces for any area.

If one has a closet, these pieces can double as go-to bureaus for favorite outfits or they can keep clean pillowcases and linens organized. They can also provide a great place to put reading glasses, cellphones and alarm clocks.

The bold, traditional design of these items can instantly make any room feel a little more like home. Some are also equipped with wheels so that one can move them from a bedroom to a living room to an office with ease.

Best of all, these solid wood pieces are crafted by professional Amish woodworkers, which guarantees that they will last for years to come.

1/19/2017 3:37:57 AM