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Amish office furntiure can mark tradition in an office

by Tom Grimes

President Obama recently redesigned the Oval Office, giving it a whole new makeover and effectively creating a new atmosphere. Much of this new theme relied on the use of neutral colors, such as beige, and relaxing, striped wallpaper.

The environmentally-friendly rug, which includes lengthy quotes from famous Americans and the hand-painted wallpaper have drawn much of the attention. While the 1880 Resolute Desk has remained in place, the armchairs were given a fresh look with caramel-colored leather.

The look is decidedly more casual than before - Michael Boodro, the editor in chief of Elle Decor, told the news source that "it looks much more comfortable and less intimidating. The coffee table... seems like you could put your feet up on it. The rug is certainly impressive and as understated as it can be with that presidential seal on it."

One way that any office can incorporate a quiet dignity without overwhelming visitors is by decorating it with pieces of Amish office furniture. Handcrafted desks and file cabinets can lend a traditional appearance to the room, fostering a professional yet relaxed atmosphere.

These pieces can last for generations and become a staple of any office for years to come.

1/19/2017 8:36:30 PM