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Amish pet supplies stylishly keep your pet happy

by Tom Grimes

Pet supplies, such as litter boxes or dog crates, tend to stick out in the home, simply because of the requirements of their design. However, their Amish counterparts maintain an elegant look that won't draw attention and offer improved utility from their more traditional counterparts.

The solid wood enclosed litter box is the perfect solution for covering your cat's tracks. With the optional top drawer, you can store all of the necessary supplies in one convenient space. The slide-out litter tray makes cleanup quick and painless.

An Amish dog crate will keep your favorite canine close and comfortable without the unattractive "cage" appearance of a plastic one. These solid wood pieces will not only house your dog but also double as an end table, kitchen island or entertainment center. You may find a variety of dog bowls in sizes suited to any animal.

If in need of a dog fence, an Amish one will easily block a doorway, keeping your pet in a specific part of the house. These solid wood fences are sturdy and more attractive than traditional plastic ones.

1/23/2017 5:56:12 PM