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Amish rolltop desks add large functionality to a small space

by Tom Grimes

It seems that homeowners these days are attempting to maximize the efficiency of their dwellings. Nobody likes clutter, but it is increasingly difficult to keep spaces open as we accumulate more possessions every year. A great way to utilize space is to assign a room multiple purposes. For instance, a living room can serve as a home office with minimal effort.

Amish rolltop desks will add instant functionality to a room. Rolltop desks were first designed in the 19th century. They are similar to pedestal desks, but the addition of stacked drawers brings an abundance of storage space. Perhaps most appealing is a cover that pulls down to cover a desk's workspace.

These solid wood creations will look beautiful next to an entertainment center. Work can quickly and efficiently be taken care of, and when company arrives it is all too simple to pull down the cover to hide bills and papers. Because of their elegant construction, Amish rolltop desks will sit comfortably in a room without drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

1/23/2017 7:36:46 AM