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Amish serving cart adds classic charm to tea parties, birthdays, reunions

by Tom Grimes

When it's time for a special occasion, many homeowners want to add a unique and memorable touch to the festivities, whether through decorations or food arrangements. Some may also want to take it one step further by using a unique set-up to deliver a party that is quirky and fun to boot.

Pieces of Amish dining room furniture such as an Amish serving cart can be ideal for any event - casual or classy, intimate or crowded. These items will instantly bring a rustic charm to the room and can help hosts bring out appetizers and beverages to guests in style.

The simple and elegant solid wood Mission serving cart has a flat surface for different dishes and two cabinets for utensils and other accessories that diners may require. This can be a great way to include all of the necessities for a tea party, from tea pot to sugar to cream.

For a farmhouse feel that will hearken back to a simpler time, one may opt for the solid wood Tea Serving cart. This is specially made for those events where one gets together with close friends and enjoys a day of conversation.

Whether wheeling out tea, coffee or beer, this beautiful piece can add a sense of warmth and sophistication to any occasion.

1/21/2017 10:40:00 PM