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Amish sofas add beauty and comfort to your living room

by Tom Grimes

Modern living room furniture can be a bit alienating with its sharp edges and flashy, factory-made patterns. Amish-made sofas and lounge chairs, however, offer a timeless aesthetic while maintaining the comfort you would want from such a piece.

Amish sofas come in a variety of styles and upholstery. The Mission Morris sofa is designed in the style of the great English designer William Morris, a central figure in the Arts and Crafts Movement in the late 1800s. The movement stressed the importance of handcrafted furniture in the face of growing competition from mass-production overseas. Similarly, all Amish-made pieces are built individually by a skilled craftsman, ensuring only the highest quality of his work is fit for shipment.

An Amish futon is a practical and beautiful item that can be used as a sofa or bed. The Glacier Country futon offers a truly classic style, inspired by the furniture of the Rocky Mountains in the early 1900s. The outer layer of tree bark is removed, leaving only the inner cambrium layer, which provides a unique texture.

For those wishing to relax, the Shaker lounge chair is simple in its execution with a solid wood construction and your choice of either fabric or leather upholstery

1/20/2017 12:41:06 AM