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Amish sofas can be good compromise between modern and traditional

by Tom Grimes

A couple who has different interior design tastes has found a comfortable middle ground in their Toronto, Canada, home by blending eccentric, contemporary touches with dignified, traditional furniture, according to TorontoLife.com.

Bernard Le Corre's interest lies in 18th-century French pieces, such as credenzas and armoires, while his girlfriend, Lesley Macmillan, is much more interested in notable contemporary pieces like lamps with gold-leaf shades and copper pots.

However, the news source outlet that the traditional furniture appears to offset the quirkiness of Macmillan's pieces, which add a creative and exciting flourish to each room. The result is a unique blend that both designers are happy to call home.

Le Corre delicately arranges each piece, many of which are heirloom antiques, while Macmillan's motto is, "You see it, you love it, you get it," according to the news source. The couple has changed their dining room table three times since moving into their home.

Amish sofas and similar pieces of Amish furniture can be ideal for homes with themes that fall somewhere between a contemporary and traditional theme. These items are handcrafted to reflect a bygone era, but also offer a sleek, distinctive look to any room.

1/18/2017 5:11:26 PM