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Amish vanities can be ideal for beauty enthusiasts

by Tom Grimes

If one spends hours in front of the mirror perfecting his or her appearance, it may be time to consider a more comfortable solution when applying make-up, getting dressed or tending to hair.

Simply standing in the bathroom can cause aches in the neck or arms, so it might be best to arrange a corner in the bedroom where one can relax and enjoy the art of beautifying.

Pieces of Amish bedroom furniture, such as Amish vanities, are ideal for this task, because they offer a simple yet elegant place where one can sit, store beauty products and gaze into the mirror.

Some pieces, such as the solid wood Louis Philippe Vanity, has three mirrors, so it's possible to make sure one looks good from all angles before hitting the town.

Other styles include the dark and handsome Fur Elise Vanity, which offers handcrafted drawers to store both clothes and accessories, as well as a mirror with a bold frame that is sure to look great in any bedroom.

For a classy and economic model, one may instead opt for the Queen Anne Two Drawers Vanity, which comes with a mirror and a table that features dignified and stylishly curved legs.

1/24/2017 8:15:19 AM