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Amish writing desks can be simple, elegant solutions for any office

by Tom Grimes

Many desks these days come with almost too many shelves and cabinets, which can actually make it easier to lose items and other accessories. Sometimes, it can be easier to focus when one is using a much simpler and calmer surface, because this can evoke a warm and intimate feeling in any working space. Pieces of Amish office furniture present a relaxed and elegant focal point to any room, while retaining that professional look.

The Queen Anne Writing desk is ideal for those who want a beautiful, sturdy item with just enough storage space for imperative supplies. This piece's ornate drawers and finished wood surface can give the office a concentrated and concise look

The dramatic, lighter wood tones of the solid wood Royal Mission desk could attract the attention of those who are looking to brighten up a space. This can be a central piece for any room and can provide children and adults alike with a handsome, sturdy place to work for years to come.

For a unique look, homeowners may instead opt for the standard Roll Top desk, which offers a rolling cover that can help protect valuable electronics and papers when they are not in use.

1/20/2017 12:42:42 AM