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Any time is the right time for the gift of an Amish clock

by Tom Grimes

Those who are feeling stuck when trying to shop for a loved one but aren't sure of their likes and dislikes may want to try and purchase a practical gift, instead of a frivolous one.

A present that will serve a function to the entire family, as well as be an aesthetic addition to a home for years to come, may be the best bet. A long-lasting piece can also remind the recipient of the gift-giver.

Pieces of Amish furniture such as Amish clocks fit all of these requirements and then some. These handcrafted items offer a stylish, traditional appearance that can accent any room with dignity and sophistication.

Each one of these clocks has a unique and memorable attribute, so one can find just the right fit.

The Amish Windsor Wall Clock is equipped with chimes that can emit a beautiful, lilting tone on the turn of every hour. The solid wood McCoy Mission style curio cabinet clock can not only be a stately cornerpiece in any hallway or office, but it can also be used to exhibit prized collectibles.

For those looking to add an Amish clock to the kitchen, the Amish weather station not only tells time, but will also give the temperature, making it an ideal item for any kitchen window.

1/21/2017 6:40:15 PM