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Bamboo furniture is a handsome and sustainable option for homeowners

by Tom Grimes

As Americans continually find themselves looking for ways to help the environment, eco-friendly furniture materials are growing increasingly popular. There are many processes that efficiently use recycled wood, and alternatives to oak and maple are seeing a growth in sales. If you are of an ecologically-minded persuasion, Amish-made bamboo furniture will provide the beauty of traditional Amish woodwork with a high degree of sustainability.

There are a wide variety of solid wood offerings made from bamboo. Those in need of a dining room set need not look any further. A handcrafted pub table sits with elegance and poise, and its built-in wine rack makes entertaining guests convenient.

Those looking to dress up their foyer or dining room may want to consider a Mission-style corner table. These pieces easily fit in corners or between pieces of furniture, and they are a quick way to add valuable storage space to a room.

Know that this bamboo furniture is 100 percent sustainable, harvested in much greater quantities for much less energy. If you want to save the planet without sacrificing style, Amish hope chests will amply satisfy your needs.

1/24/2017 2:24:55 PM