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Bring style to your gait with an Amish walking stick

by Tom Grimes

The perfect walking stick is far more than something you can pick up from the ground. They are an opportunity to display class and taste. Take the opportunity to add some flair to this tool and consider purchasing an Amish-made walking stick.

The twisted and striped cane brings a unique design to the mix. Green, black and wood colors spiral around each other, entwining down the length of this solid wood piece. For a unique touch, this design offers a compass on the head. Those who enjoy long treks outdoors would do well to have such a device at-hand.

Those in need of rest may consider a cane with a fold-out seat. When it is difficult to find a chair, the three-legged cane simply opens up to reveal a small pad to sit on.

Other canes are simply classic in their design. You may purchase one with a saw's handle, or an oak piece with a beautiful brass hame-top handle. Whatever your stylistic preferences are, there is a lovely walking stick that will amply suit your needs.

1/22/2017 11:14:38 AM