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Bringing the family together with an Amish breakfast nook set

by Tom Grimes

There is a certain charm related to making the most of small spaces. A cozy dining room or kitchen may bring a family closer together during meals, where when busy schedules often make occasions disjointed and hectic.

Many people looking to slow down this frantic pace may find a solution in furniture that emphasizes a sense of community among dining guests by strategically using corners and narrow areas. Setting up a breakfast nook is an ideal way to practice togetherness in an increasingly fragmented social world.

Amish breakfast nook sets are particularly suited for this task, due to their homey, traditional appearance. Some sets include both chairs and benches, leaving ample room for coats or bags below, so a family can eat while on their way to work or school.

These pieces of Amish dining room furniture can also be outfitted with pillows and cushions to give them some personalized flair and additional comfort. A potted plant can also bring an element of natural beauty that will complement these heirloom-quality items.

Placing an Amish breakfast nook set against a window is a great way to save space and take full advantage of summer mornings, giving diners an opportunity to watch the sunrise and appreciate their meal as the day begins.ADNFCR-3308-ID-19920784-ADNFCR

1/17/2017 11:07:06 PM