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Capture a contemporary and transitional look with an Amish executive desk

by Tom Grimes

One design trend that has become popular this season is to combine a clean, contemporary look with other pieces of traditional or transitional furniture, because this theme can remain fresh and relevant, even when other styles have come and gone, according to Chicoer.com.

"Whatever region you're in, you'll kind of graft what's for you locally and put it in with a modern, clean, simple, contemporary look," interior designer Theresa Umber told the news provider. "I think you'll find elements of that anywhere in the country in any style home. Granted, it'll look different, but you'll still find elements of that."

This means that a beachfront property in Miami could blend contemporary fashion with a shabby, coastal look or a modernly designed home could boast a few, exotic pieces of Asian furniture.

Sometimes, finding this balance can be difficult, particularly for those who are looking to update an office's look and guarantee that it remains fashionable for a long time. One way that this delicate act can be accomplished is by decorating with Amish office furniture.

Pieces like an Amish executive desk are a unique blend of modern and traditional elements, exhibiting the time-tested talents of professional Amish craftsmen while accommodating modern-day electronics and accessories.

1/23/2017 3:24:12 AM