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Clean up like never before with Amish bath soaps

by Tom Grimes

The bath is one of the last vestiges of truly intimate alone time. More often than not, we barely even have time for a shower longer than five minutes, yet there are few things more satisfying than relaxing in the tub with a loved book or music playing in the background. If you find yourself with a spare moment, indulge yourself with a bath, complemented by a bar of Amish-made soap.

These soaps contain essential oils that cleanse and refresh you with natural ingredients. Pure and simple scents are inoffensive to the nose and leave you with a wonderful smell that others will be sure to note. They are made with substances high in glycerin, which is known for its moisturizing abilities, as well as goat's milk for a touch of silkiness.

If you suffer from dry or chapped skin, a bar of Amish soaps will easily do the trick. Additionally, each bar is wrapped in a beautiful rusted star or heart, making them the perfect gift for a friend who loves to pamper themselves.

1/20/2017 4:48:53 AM