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Complement bathroom floors with an Amish vanity mirror

by Tom Grimes

When it comes to designing a bathroom, flooring is sometimes the last feature that homeowners consider. One way to balance affordability and beauty is to opt for ceramic tiles, which can suit a variety of different interior themes, according to ExpressBuzz.com.

Tiles offer homeowners a chance to get creative. Sketch out different patterns to see which best reflects the atmosphere of the room, and then install the ceramics accordingly. The news source suggests maintaining a consistent pattern throughout the process.

One way to add distinctive variety to the scheme is to use tiles of different sizes or lay them at opposing angles in order to form exciting shapes.

Patterns can be completely customized, but the news provider recommends inserting one off-color tile every few tiles to make for a colorful and interesting mix. Having a variety of colors and using them accordingly can also be a way to create a glamorous washroom.

Pieces of Amish handcrafted furniture can also contribute a traditional flair to a space, and hanging an Amish vanity mirror on the wall can make for both a practical and beautiful addition to a bathroom.

1/17/2017 6:05:21 AM