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Complete a living room with an Amish magazine rack

by Tom Grimes

There's nothing quite like settling into the couch after a hard day at work and reading a magazine or newspaper. This can be a relaxing activity that many can enjoy and a steady supply of publications can also help guests entertain themselves while the host is preparing drinks or an appetizer.

The problem, however, can be that there are often no organized spots for one to put the magazines when they aren't being read. Some resort to the coffee table, but this leaves little room for food, dishes or other items. The pile can create a sense of clutter and make it hard to find a specific issue.

It can pay to have a better way to store magazines. Homeowners may want to consider investing in pieces of Amish furniture such as Amish magazine racks, which are sleek and stylish items that can perfectly complement the corner of a room or the area beside a couch.

Many offer a comfortable nook to neatly keep magazines that aren't in use, as well as a polished wooden surface for a lamp or other items.

1/24/2017 4:11:55 AM