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Consider the Warmth and Charm of Solid Oak Wood to Revitalize your Family Living Room!

by Tom Grimes

   No matter the wood, a piece of furniture is only as good as the hands that craft is. While Oak wood has long been celebrated for its strength, durability, and beauty, ultimately the craftsmanship is determinant of the overall quality in the final piece. At DutchCrafters, our solid Oak hardwoods are proudly handcrafted by the renowned Amish furniture makers of Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania – adding integrity to strength.

   While there are over 60 species of oak grown here in the United States, the family can be separated into two distinct groups: white oak and red oak. We are delighted to offer our customers a choice between these two hardwoods on most of our products, as well as commonly offering other solid hardwoods such as Cherry, Hickory, and a variety of Maple hardwoods.

                 Boston Oak                Harvest Oak                Provincial Oak           Natural Oak               Washington Oak

Featured Photos: solid Oak wood in a variety of quality protective finishes.

   Oak is a heavy, strong and light colored hardwood. The characteristic light color of Oak, and the pristine natural beauty of the wood grain has long been considered a great source of warmth (figuratively, of course) in American furniture. Ideal for cottages, country homes, and anyone seeking to create a bright, welcoming ambiance, solid Oak wood today is the most widely used hardwood in American furniture making.

   Consider Oak wood for your family room to create an inviting allure that will draw the family out of hiding and bring loved ones together! We offer Oak wood on nearly all our Amish-made sofas, lounge chairs, accent tables, and entertainment centers. Additionally, we can coordinate your favorite Oak living room furniture pieces from over 70 Amish and Mennonite woodshops to one finishing shop to guarantee your Oak furniture flawlessly compliments one another.  


Featured Photo: The Berlin Collection Living Room Set (Shown in Oak)

   Our Oak sofas, lounge chairs, tables, and entertainment centers are designed and constructed to endure for generations – Amish-made Oak furniture is commonly passed from parents to children as valued family heirlooms. The Oak tree grows slowly and lives long. This long, slow development gives Oak wood an almost unrivaled strength. Given a test of how much weight a wood can hold before it break (the fracture test) Oak wood surpasses nearly all others – only such woods as ironwood and hickory can support more weight!


Featured Photo: Oak Wood Mission Recliner Loveseat

   Another great quality of Oak wood is it’s resistance to decay. While a quality protective finish is essential to any American heirloom furniture, a strong, durable, decay-resistant wood will ensure your investment possesses lifetime value! Believe it or not, the oaken shrine of Edward the Confessor, an English king who died in 1066 A.D. is still well-preserved today, nearly a thousand years later!

   Some types of Oaks also have tyloses, structures by which a tree insulates its plumbing system from water loss during dry spells. Tyloses make wood resistant to water. For this reason, Oak wood was the building material of choice for the British navy until ironclads were invented! We don’t recommend you allow your heirloom Oak furniture to come into contact with water, but it’s still nice to know it can outlast other woods in water-resistance.


Here’s an example of Quarter Sawn White Oak in our Holmes County Bedroom Set!

   Today, Oak wood graces the homes of hundreds of thousands of American across the United States – but few homes possess Oak wood furniture with the structural integrity provided by master Amish craftsmen. At DutchCrafters, all our Oak furniture is proudly crafted by the Amish – in rural American communities where heirloom furniture craftsmanship has long been a way of life! We typically offer Red Oak as a standards wood on all products, while Quarter Sawn White Oak is an upgrade comparable to Cherry wood. The wood of the white oak (Quercus alba) is particularly prized for its beauty, especially when quarter-sawn!

   For more information on any of our Amish-handcrafted heirloom Oak furniture, don’t hesitate to call toll-free and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable Amish furniture specialist: 1-866-272-6773.

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