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Create a cozy winter spot with a solid bamboo pub table

by Tom Grimes

When the wind is howling outside and the snow is falling, many households enjoy having a warm, cozy spot to which they can retreat and spend a dreary winter night. These gathering spots can be fun for a dinner party, a family or a couple, and help everyone make great memories during the cold months.

No home is too small to create a distinctive place for company to gather. As long as one is creative and determined, it's possible to turn even a small corner into a place of fun and games. For those who have only a modest amount of space in which to create this area, pieces of Amish dining room furniture such as a solid bamboo pub table might be ideal.

This piece can not only serve as a beautiful centerpiece for any meal, it also has a built-in wine rack beneath it. One can store multiple wine bottles and glasses in style, so there is little clutter on the table when the items are not in use.

The bamboo pub table also comes with four bar stools, which is enough to seat the whole family at dinner or a small party in the later hours of the night.

Additionally, bamboo has been proven to be a safe and sustainable alternative to other materials, because it is a renewable resource. This line of Amish furniture is GreenSpec listed and the formaldehyde emissions are less than 0.5 percent.

1/23/2017 11:49:39 AM